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YogaBeez Blog on Yoga and Mindfulness for Children

Welcome to our YogaBeez blog on yoga and mindfulness for children. If you are thinking about teaching children’s yoga or merely looking for ideas to bring home then we hope you’ll find many ideas in the blogs below.

In these blogs we will explore in further detail the many benefits of children’s yoga as well as some tips on how you can share these in your home, your classroom, your car, even in the supermarket. 🙂 There are many simple breathing exercises, yoga poses, tools and techniques that you can explore simply with your own children. We also delve deeper into the philosophy of children’s yoga, creativity, child development, Montessori and education and how we can stimulate the WHOLE child through these practices.

Do let us know if you have any specific topics you might like us to cover? See our Instagram page for daily ideas and inspiration.

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