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Welcome to YogaBeez Children’s Yoga School

YogaBeez is a leading provider of children’s yoga and mindfulness, offering accredited teacher training courses, classes and workshops. Since 2005, our unique method has incorporated the core values and teachings of traditional Yoga and Mindfulness coupled with the Montessori philosophy to educate, empower and exercise the WHOLE child. Our inclusive classes are designed to stimulate and nourish physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual well-being.

YogaBeez Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training Courses are accredited and certified by Yoga Alliance. These in-depth trainings are suitable for school teachers, parents, yoga teachers, therapists and anyone wishing to share yoga with children – from toddlers to teenagers. The trainings, starting at Foundation Level and continuing to Advanced Levels, are offered in person as well as via self-paced online courses. Find out more about our INSET trainings and Healthy Living Days for school programmes below.

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Teach Yoga to Children and Teenagers

At YogaBeez, we pride ourself in the high standard of children’s yoga teacher training that we offer. All our courses are accredited with Yoga Alliance and certification is recognised worldwide. Join our global community of qualified teachers in empowering children and young people with the numerous benefits that yoga and mindfulness offer.

Our training school offers two levels of yoga and mindfulness teacher training courses. A foundation training to get you started on your journey to teach children and an Advanced training to provide additional knowledge for those experienced in children’s yoga teaching.

If you are interested in developing your career in teaching yoga to children or simply want to incorporate yoga into your classroom, sports field, home or therapy sessions, take a look at what we offer.

Empower, Exercise and Educate

At the heart of our yoga school are the children themselves! Our inclusive classes aim to empower, exercise and educate children of all ages and abilities. They are inter-curricular and stimulate all areas of child development.

We don’t only focus on the physical yoga postures in our children’s yoga classes but also on mental wellbeing – social and emotional development. We include all aspects of yoga: the philosophy, the poses, yogic breathing, mindfulness, meditation, concentration, learning and relaxation.

Recognising each child as an individual being with varying needs, we allow them space to recognise and honour all the emotions they are feeling and give them tools to deal with them. As part of our ethos of teaching yoga and mindfulness to children, we focus on environmental awareness, community and freedom to express ideas, thoughts and differences.

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