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YogaBeez Children’s Yoga Teacher Trainings

Learn to share yoga and mindfulness with children of all ages and abilities

Children's Yoga Training
Teach yoga and mindfulness to children

YogaBeez is an accredited Children’s Yoga School offering very high standard and in-depth children’s yoga teacher training courses and workshops.

Our unique children’s yoga teacher trainings are available to yoga teachers, nursery, primary and secondary school teachers. It will also be of interest to therapists, parents or anyone who is passionate about teaching yoga and mindfulness to children of all ages and abilities.

The YogaBeez mission is to empower teachers to share and facilitate the numerous benefits of yoga and mindfulness with as many children as we can.

We offer two levels of teacher training course – Foundation and Advanced – to get you started on your journey to teach children and also provide additional knowledge for those experienced in children’s yoga teaching. Combined these two trainings make up our RCYS 95hour children’s yoga training.

All our YogaBeez kid’s yoga teacher trainings are accredited with Yoga Alliance and certification is recognised worldwide. We offer a combination of children’s yoga teacher training in-person in the UK, Europe and South Africa. 

We also offer online training options for our International friends.

If you are interested in developing your career in teaching yoga to children or simply want to incorporate yoga into your classroom, sports field or home or therapy sessions, take a look at what we offer.

4 Day Foundation Training

Our 4 day Foundation children’s yoga teacher training is offered as an in-person hands on training and there is also a self-paced online option.

Suitable for parents, teachers and adult yoga teachers who are interested in teaching yoga to children. After completion of this course you will be qualified to teach yoga and mindfulness techniques to children aged 2 to 12 years in nurseries, primary schools and after school clubs, studios, public venues. You will also be able to offer family yoga.

The YogaBeez children’s yoga teacher training incorporates all aspects of the traditional yoga practice blended with education, Montessori philosophy and works of Howard Gardner and Thich Nhat Hanh to educate, exercise and empower the WHOLE child.

The course focuses on nursery, preschool and primary school age children and teaches the foundations for teaching a well-rounded, inclusive children’s yoga class. Also Family Yoga!

Click here for a detailed description of what we cover on our Foundation Training – curriculum, dates, fees and venues.

Children’s Yoga Foundation Teacher Training Dates:

East London, UK

Date: 22nd – 25th August 2024

PTime: 10am – 6pm daily

Venue: Paper Dress Yoga Studio, Hackney Central 

Fee: £650

EB Fee: £600 until 11th July 24

West London, UK 

Date: 5th – 8th Dec 24

Time: 10am – 6pm daily

Venue: Bullen Hall, Hampton Wick, KT1

Fee: £650

EB Fee: £600 until 15th Oct 24

2025 Dates TBC

2025 Dates TBC

6 Day Advanced Training

Our 6-day online advanced children’s yoga teacher training will continue to nurture your knowledge and understanding of children’s yoga for all ages 2 to 19 years. Suitable for children’s yoga teachers looking expand their teaching and understanding of teenagers and neurodiverse children with additional needs. 

After completion of this course you will be qualified to teach yoga in secondary schools, studios and public places to children of all ages and abilities. You will have explored chair yoga, coming of age circles, all aspects of yoga, mindfulness and meditation for young people, as well as be well on your way to developing a sustainable career as a full time children’s yoga teacher. We now offer an in person retreat training too.

Click here for a detailed description of what we cover on our Advanced Training – online and in-person retreat – curriculum, dates, fees and venues.

Email: to apply for this training

Children's Yoga Advanced Teacher Training Dates

Online Advanced Teacher Training – 2024

First Weekend:  12th to 14th October 2024

Second Weekend: 8th to 10th November 2024

Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm and 2pm – 5pm daily

Venue: Your own home

Fee: £750

EB Fee: £700 until 10th August 2024

In-Person Retreat Teacher Training – 2024  

Dates: Email to enquire

Time: 8am – 8pm daily

Venue: Hemel Hempstead, UK

Investment: £1495 

EB Fee: £1395 paid 

Deposit: £200 Payment plans available

Customer Testimonials

The possibilities and ideas were endless!
"As I reflect back to the beginning of my journey with YogaBeez, I can definitely highlight the continuous understanding and support that I have received from Bryony, right from the very first time we spoke over the phone. Her passion and ambition to make a difference in today's modern society was such an inspiration for me that I wanted to be part of this hive. Taking everything into account from the Foundation Stage, I can only re-affirm my strong believe and strongly commit myself into continuing the YogaBeez unique journey. The knowledge and open approach of the tutors was a truly magnificent experience and I can hardly wait to see what the next modules unfold into! I think we all have brought together a really special gift to the course and hopefully we can all keep that special seed growing and look forward to celebrate together being part of the YogaBeez Family. The possibilities and ideas were endless! I honestly can't thank you enough for all the tools and inspiration that the training have given me to improve my current classes,"
Lorena Luque,
A gift really which keeps on giving
"What a wonderful experience, a gift really which keeps on giving... reconnecting with one's inner child felt warm and comfortable, seeing how simple things can make yoga accessible for children, making it FUN and joyous, and being surrounded with fellow students to embark on a path which is exciting and thrilling. A couple of months later I can say it has already entirely changed my perspective on things, life, friends, family and perhaps most of all, the way I look and interact with my own children."
Cindy Maas
Founder of Relax in de Klas, Brussels, Belgium
Encouraging, empowering and inspiring
"YogaBeez training with Bryony is outstanding. I signed up for the Foundation and Advanced training, not really knowing what to expect, except that I wanted to understand how to teach yoga to children and teenagers. What I gained from this experience was significantly more. Bryony takes you on a journey not just into the mind and body of a child and teenager, but also on an experience that is so enriching and special on a personal level. Bryony is very generous with sharing her knowledge and experience and she’s constantly encouraging, empowering and inspiring, and her feedback is always constructive and positive. The YogaBeez approach blends traditional yoga with the Montessori principles of hands on learning and giving children creative choices which works incredibly well together - this not only makes it a more engaging experience for the child, but it also adds another fascinating dimension to teaching yoga to children. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend YogaBeez training to anyone thinking of becoming a children or teen yoga teacher."
Heena Patel
Energising, hands-on, creative and informative
"Thank you for your wisdom, passion, energy and warmth. You have given me the confidence to continue on this path of truth and light. May we all share the miracles of yoga with the same open heartedness that you gave it to us. This training was energising, hands-on, creative and informative."
Amy Friedman
Copenhagen, Denmark
Exceeded my expectations
"Bryony is the real deal when it comes to being both a yogi and a teacher. She comes from a wealth of experience and shares her knowledge in a genuine way. Her lessons and resources for teaching yoga to kids are thorough and effective, they exceeded my expectations. I feel really confident in starting my children's yoga classes."
Kim Buikema
I am literally buzzing! Is that why you called it YogaBeez?!
"I am literally buzzing! Is that why you called it YogaBeez?! I can't stop smiling! Filled with gratitude for all that I have learnt so far and for all the opportunities that are presenting themselves... cannot thank you enough! You know, as a teacher, you tell yourself that if you can make a difference to just one student, then it’s all worth it? Well, I am that student! I’m telling you now, you can give yourself a great big hug and congratulate yourself! You have opened a door for me and given me the courage to leap through it and not be afraid of what’s on the other side! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Namaste”
Kylie Barker
Berkshire, UK
It was a great therapeutic experience for me
"I realised during this course that a children's yoga class is really a laboratory and a microcosm, and that we have unlimited possibilities to bring nature, sciences, arts, colours, psychomotor activities and languages to it. I have never thought of how a yoga class, apart from passing on yoga which is already a treasure for us all, it can also be so rich pedagogically. Finally, after this training I realised how serious and buttoned up we all behave and that this is a big mistake. We slowly and gradually distance ourselves from the source of laughter and lightness that lies inside us. It was a great therapeutic experience for me to learn and also play and laugh with everyone else and touch and dance and move freely as a child. I felt safe in the hands of this great educator who works with respect and love for children and I took back home so much out of this training."
Despina Christadoni
Thank you for sharing such a special gift
"I laughed, I cried, I laughed, I played, I helped and was helped, I sang, I danced, I tasted, I created and daydreamed about this time and not that time, in time and with time, I painted the universe with colour and felt your colour and found my voice, I heard my quiet, I was found and I discovered my lost… in me, in we and them and in us. I am I am I am I am… my breath! You are good… I am good… we are good. The you in me recognises the me in you. Thank you for you. Thank you for sharing such a special gift. I will always remember your voice when I hear a chime. Thank you."
Vicky Botes
mum and nursery school teacher
The best thing I’ve done in years
"The YogaBeez training was really special. Just fabulous, the best thing I’ve done in years!"
Sara Spencer
Kent, UK

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